Saturday, September 15, 2012

Work From Home Job Lead of The Day:

Can You Make Money Working From Home On

I guess I eventually had to talk about working from home on After all, I make about 1/3 of my income working at home as a Freelance Writer on  I have made thousands on Fiverr and as long as I keep up with the gigs that are ordered I will probably continue to make money there.  The basic idea is that you come up with something you can do for five dollars, set up a 'Gig' ad (the jobs are called Gigs on Fiverr) and then wait until people order and work on your gigs.

Read more about my experiences with Fiverr as a work from home job after the jump.

Do Something You Love That Isn't Time Consuming

I think the trick to making money on Fiverr is to think of something you enjoy doing that takes around 15 minutes to 30 minutes to complete and set up a Gig.  Or you can think of something worth X number of dollars, and then break it down into 5 minute increments.  For example, some people offer 30 second voiceovers on Fiverr for $5 very successfully.

Choose Your Niche Market And Sell Your Services
I write and rewrite content on under the name eSimplicity.  You can check my page out here: The real meat of my work from home Fiverr business comes in the longer projects.  I break it down by word count and sometimes have projects that pay in excess of $100.  The other trick is knowing how to set your deadlines (Gig timers) and how to work your extras.

Fiverr Extras and Fiverr Levels

Speaking of Extras, you need to gain levels as a Fiverr seller in order to use extras.  What are levels?  Think of them as mini promotions within Fiverr that you gain based on various criteria.  I think the criteria for the Level 1 Seller rank and the Level 2 Seller rank are public but I'm pretty sure the criteria for the top and final rank, Top Rated Seller (or TRS for short) is not. It is an elusive rank that I have not yet attained, I am a Level 2 Seller which takes some time, but I guess its not bad considering that my extras allow me to make as much as $40 on an individual gig sale and also allow multiple Gigs to be ordered at one.

How To Succeed On

For every person who makes it to Level 1 or Level 2 as a seller on Fiverr there are multitudes of others who do not have even one sale and likely won't get one for a while.  Why is that?  Well the first thing to do before you set up a gig is to research and see what gigs are selling well.  Then think of something you can do while working from home that is close to that but isn't being sold.  After that set up a compelling Gig title and a good pitch and a reasonable length of time.

How I Got To Level 2 Seller Status

If you want to attract attention, do what I did at first.  At first I set up 2 gigs (writing and rewriting) and both were express gigs, meaning that I had 24 hours to complete the order after I received it.  Then I took many, many orders one at a time and banged them out as fast as I could.  That is how I gained a reputation.  As my feedback grew, more and more buyers began taking notice.  I also advertised on Twitter a bit, but learned my lesson with overdoing it as I can no longer advertise on Twitter.

Is Worth It?

I think it is totally worth it.  If you work from home on Fiverr you get just under $4 of every $5 you sell and if you can manage 3-4 gigs per hour that's not a bad income, its pretty comparable to many day jobs out there without you having to gas up your car or even get out of your PJs.  Just make sure that you do something you enjoy doing on Fiverr and it won't become a chore and won't feel like 'work.'  So if you're bored and want to make a little extra cash working from home, visit today.  Look me up while you're there, I'm always willing to give guidance and advice to help you succeed too!

f you'd like to receive a free copy of my report called "100 Tips To Help You Succeed On Fiverr" please send an email to request your copy today. Be sure to write 100 Tips in the subject line when you write! Your copy of the report will be delivered ASAP so you can learn even more tricks to making a great Fiverr business in a very short period of time.

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